And Now for Something Completely Different?

Welcome to Crudedatalash. Let me briefly explain you the idea behind this blog. There are a lot of very good economics and finance blogs out there, so I was hesitant to start this new project. Tough competition calls for specialization and I must have something special to offer for you to keep reading my blog. Will this blog give you something completely different?

These are my interests and expertises:

  • I am an economist specialised on macroeconomics and my research so far has been mostly about the impact of economic policies on productivity and economic growth. My interests are broader, as you’ll see from this blog. I worship Bloomberg Surveillance almost every day.

This is what I am planning to write here:

  • The main idea of this blog is to brief you on the most interesting economic and financial reports that are newly released by major think tanks, as OECD and IMF for instance, as well as academic economic articles (that are not on Voxeu…). I have to read them for work and you might not have the time for it, so demand meets supply.
  • The name crudedatalash comes from the idea of (manually) crawling economic and financial statistics for new exciting pieces of evidence. There are lots of new data released every week and even all other bloggers together cannot spot all interesting economic and financial facts.
  • I will give my read on current affairs, blending the opinion piece with a summary of the most interesting opinions I find out there.
  • Give forecasts. Yes, I am getting excited by reading Superforecasting: the Art of Science and Prediction by by Philip E. Tetlock and Dan Gardner and sometimes I will have fun making my own forecasts on something specific.
  • Some articles will be written in Italian for the Italian audience. The objective is to build another bridge between the Italian public opinion, usually very provincial with few exceptions, and the most important English-written news and opinion sources.

Is that it? Well I also want to write about cooking, but I don’t promise it at this stage.

The adventure just started. Add crudedatalash to your feedly account!